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Ultrasonic Hydronic Flow Measurement



Ultrasonic Flow measurement provides real-time flow rates where delta pressure diffentials and congruent delta temperature comparisons can be inaccurate.


Prior to this technology the Test and Balance contractor was reliant and temperature/pressure deltas to confirm flow rates and subsequent total rejected MBH ratios. Consider however that if the tubes in a chiller are fouled and or restricted by oil (low velocity in part load) the resulting hydronic delta differential could indicate a higher flow rate than what is actual. It is true that delta temperature differentials coupled with delta pressure diffentials used in comparative analysis can be accurate, “If the Submittal Data is accurate” and the machine is charged correctly.


Therefore, the introduction of ultrasound instruments used in conjunction with delta pressure/temperature measurements will ensure a much higher accuracy.

Building Performance/ Electrical Consumption



Electrical consumption and subsequent building performance may be enhanced by the incorporation of controls modifications to the hydronic system.


Modifications to the secondary/tertiary pumping control systems have been made by us to provide significant improvements in power consumption by installing pressure transducers at the top of the highest buildings and calculating the low pressure selection points, we then control both the secondary pumps and the tertiary pump speeds. As the secondary and tertiary pumps reduce in volume, the chillers unload and the cooling tower fans decelerate providing multiple energy savings (in particular, the demand meters).


Air Conditioning
Test and Balance
NEBB Certified for
Chillers and Cooling Towers
NEBB Certified Ultra Sound
Hydronic Flow Measurement
We provide NEBB Certified testing of all air and hydronic systems, air handlers, pumps, chillers ,cooling towers and control systems. After testing the systems we provide adjustments and or remediation support services.

We calibrate the flow roatios for maximum efficiency. We can detect deficiencies and correct them. We calculate maximum efficiencies for all modes, chilled water, and ice make, and ice burn.

Why wonder when you can know? If it runs through a pipe, we can test it!

From hospital equipment to industrial hydronic process, we are NEBB Certified to test it all.
NEBB Certified for
Thermal Storage Test and Balance for Ice Tank Farms

We provide NEBB Certified testing of Noise Criteria, sound pressure levels

We service some of the largest thermal tank systems in the state of Florida. Our technicians have over 30 years experince. Call us for NEBB Certified testing and calibration today.

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