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Martin Air Inc. has been a leader in the air conditioning/Test and Balance industry for 27 years.
We specialize in Healthcare / Industrial applications


  • Air Conditioning Testing & Analysis
    We provide certified testing of all air and hydronic systems, air handlers ,pumps ,chillers ,cooling towers and control systems. After testing the systems we provide adjustments and or remediation support services.

  • Trouble Shooting & Sick Building Syndrome
    After testing deficient systems we provide mechanical services to remediate the problems and supervise the work.

  • Hydronic Ultrasound Testing
    We provide state of the art noninvasive ultrasound flow measurement and resultant fluidic adjustment.

  • Control Systems
    We calibrate air conditioning control systems, both DDC and Pneumatic.

  • Mechanical Systems
    Our services include installation and retrofit of all air conditioning components, chillers , pumps, controls systems, cooling towers, and air handlers.

  • Consulting / Design Build
    We provide Design Build, Plan Review and Supervisor Services

  • Thermal Storage

    We provide thermal storage ( ice tank flow adjustments)including heat exchangers, glycol chillers etc. Our specialty is calculating and calibrating different flow rates for Ice Make, Ice Burn and Chilled Water modes.

    Proper test and balancing of thermal storage systems can provide a higher rate of efficiency and capacity.


    The common problem of pre-mature ice build termination may be improved by increasing the Glycol flow rate prior to termination via VFD control. This procedure can extend the chiller run time and enhance the build rations particularly in compromised tanks. As always caution should be taken to not overcharge the tanks resulting in damage.



    Another common mistake is to try and perfectly balance each flow rate in each tank. Certainly the tanks need to be within 10% but considering that any additional energy not consumed by a tank that is 100% charged will be conducted to an adjacent tank that is say 95% charged. Overbalancing (tweaking) many times results in excess energy consumption by the pumps.

  • Chillers / Cooling Towers
    We provide superior flow measurement and have the capabilities to compensate for variations of specific heat ratios of fluid combinations.

  • Hydronic Testing / Heat Exchangers
    in combination with our ultrasound instruments, we provide calculations and sequence of operation control points to maximize ice build, ice burn & chilled water modes.

Air Conditioning
Test and Balance
NEBB Certified for
Chillers and Cooling Towers
NEBB Certified Ultra Sound
Hydronic Flow Measurement
We provide NEBB Certified testing of all air and hydronic systems, air handlers, pumps, chillers ,cooling towers and control systems. After testing the systems we provide adjustments and or remediation support services.

We calibrate the flow roatios for maximum efficiency. We can detect deficiencies and correct them. We calculate maximum efficiencies for all modes, chilled water, and ice make, and ice burn.

Why wonder when you can know? If it runs through a pipe, we can test it!

From hospital equipment to industrial hydronic process, we are NEBB Certified to test it all.
NEBB Certified for
Thermal Storage Test and Balance for Ice Tank Farms

We provide NEBB Certified testing of Noise Criteria, sound pressure levels

We service some of the largest thermal tank systems in the state of Florida. Our technicians have over 30 years experince. Call us for NEBB Certified testing and calibration today.

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